California Sunsets #166?

in #photocircle4 years ago

A break in the rainstorms here in Cali,
a break the Global Financial Markets could use!

Malibu in the distance with the Santa Monica Pier
and a lonely Ferris Wheel. Taken yesterday, March 11, 2020, from
Ocean Park, Santa Monica


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This is eerie as eff! Its abandon out there! This weekend will prob be worse, right?

So bizarre... Just spoke to mom... all hunkered down. It will unfortunately get worse. Be smart!

Did you see the future markets after the fed cut. not a good sign... and all the pubs and restaurants closed in LA... SM next?

It was deserted last night on St. Pats day... never ever seen it like that. Ghost town. How is it there?

That's insane! 3 Irish Pubs and no people! WTF!!! Its kinda quite, but you know Glendale... we do what we want to :)

Certainty and peacefulness of @armentor´s sunsets in this crazy time of uncertainty and panic. Much appreciated my friend, much appreciated...

Thanks man.... I'm glad I got that walk in as for good or bad, its raining here for 10 days straight. At least it will keep everyone in and not spread the corona-virus...

Yeah, that´s right... Is it too bad in California? I mean the corona situation...

Yap. Trumps delays, calling it a hoax, and mismanagement is having a major blow back.

Sorry to hear this man :( Stay strong Cali people. It´s getting really bad in my country too, our government just closed all borders completely...

I heard about that last night. Hopefully its not too late. Be safe!

Blue skies is so surreal for me especially these days that there is so much turmoil in the world right now @armentor.

Thank you my friend. Hope you are staying safe and healthly!

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