California Sunsets #156 ~ Goldenhour

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"Outside, daylight was bleeding slowly toward dusk.”
~ Stephen King ~

Magical Golden Hour taken on November 1st
from Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California



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All of them are stunning as always but the first one is my favorite :) (and I believe yours too since you used it as the cover shot for this post :))

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Yes that first one (:

Thank you and Merry Christmas to yours as well. Cheers!

California Dreaming - very nice, because it is so rainy and cold here in Germany

Hopefully some of our sun will make it your way. Merry Christmas!

quite the contrast form pic 1 and 3.

not sure which I like more


So true... looking at them again, the 2nd also captures some of the first shot just later. The last one sums up nicely as a true twilight. Now I'm thinking the last one.

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Yo mang, these shots are spectacular!!! Must have been cold that evening givent the sky and no people at the beach.

Thank brotha.. It has and it is still freezing for Southern Cal.... did you check out the snowcap mountains?

Pass week has been brutal. My tires are losing air from the cold! The snow caps are angelic.

Dude... did you see last nights? It was surreal... lasted for about 10 minutes... check out my IG.

The second shot is just WOW!! Excellence!!🙏
Very Merry Christmas!!

Thank you @liltammy! and Merry Christmas :)

Truly, it is. I find it amazing that we are surrounded by so much beauty and yet, there seems to be no end to it.

So vibrant are the colors, making it a magical day in my life. Thank you for sharing this beauty across the world.

Merry Christmas, my friend! Happy Chanukkah!

Upped and Steemed

!tip .20

Thanks as always, I enjoyed all your Christmas Photos as well! Merry Christmas :)

Wow great shots! Always good to see you post.

Thanks... as you know, keep going to the sames spots as many times as possibly and you are likely to catch some great shots.

outstanding to enjoy that nature got all the beautiful art in the sky there .... Wishing you a very merry Christmas :)

Thank you much :)

Such wonderful colours and very peaceful.

Thank you!

Amazing photos :) Cheers :)

Thanks man!

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