California Sunsets #151 ~ Goldenhour

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"The wisdom of the sun is not in producing light and heat,
but in sharing them with everyone and everything!
Wisdom that is not shared means conceit,
and if there is conceit there is no wisdom!"
~ Mehmet Murat ildan ~

Photos from October 8th, Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California




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Yay, finally :)) I have been missing those shots. Spectacular as always.

Thanks mang! I'll be back posting some more.

So the @armentor´s legendary Golden Hour series is officially back :) Awesome!

About time @armentor! I know you'v been swamped... hopefully you'll find time to post more.

Thank you my brotha... your harassment finally worked ;)

Haha! Now you owe me a case of IPAs... preferably Racer 5. Why didn't you post these on IG?

You never gave me the IPAs you promised! Will I be seeing them at Thanksgiving or will I have to wait until Christmas?!?

A wonderful "come back"! :-)

Fitting! Hope all is well.

where have you been ?


I'v been on, but work, family and Steem/Steemit ciaos, just seemed like the right time to take a break, similar to the one you took awhile back ;).

yeah I know how it is :-)

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Yay!!! This is the way all comebacks should be! So stunning, they take your breath away!

Welcome back!

!tip .20

I know, I'v been tardy! Thank you so much :)

Happy to see beautiful postcards from lovely place again!! :))

Thank you Lit't Tammy :)

I love the mix of warm colors and drama :) so beautiful

Thanks man... it was uncharacteristic for this time of year, but as you know with your recent chill, everything weather seems uncharacteristic these days!

Ohh yes the weather patterns seem crazy these days

So glad to see a new post from you! Beautiful photos of that amazing view!

Thank so much :)

Thank you my friend!

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Congrats armentor!

Missed your posts a lots but finally after such a long enjoyed it too :D

Thank you :)

very nice photography my friend
amazing place

Thank you my friend.

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Thank you!

Congrats armentor!

Impressive photos of the sunset on a beautyful beach

Thank you :)

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Congrats, but armentor, what is TRDO?

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