Colorful Photo Challenge Small spiders and characteristics possessed

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The spider is called an invertebrate animal written on an arthropod book. The characteristic possessed by the spider is its eight legs and has the ability to make a net used as a nest. The spider is a meat-eating animal (carnivore) but this animal can not jump or fly So it must have a special ability to catch its prey by eating animals trapped in its nest.

Here are the characteristics that the spider has:


1. make a net:

Spiders are known to make a net that comes from a very sticky saliva, so it can trap its prey in the form of small insects that fly through the net. Thus the spider easily catches the prey as its food.


Shaped like a Sucker
Spiders have no mouth or teeth but do not think they do not eat, but they eat their prey by sucking because they have the excess mouth they use as a sucker.


Sensory Feel on Sensitive Feet
He says most of the spiders have poor eyesight but are not blind, so to see if there are any prey trapped in the web, he uses a very important sense of touch for him that is his leg.

4.have poison:

Of the tens of thousands of species and species, only about 150 species of spiders have no toxins that serve to kill prey, the toxin is released through the spider's spider. However, only 200 species of spiders that have or can be very harmful toxins human.

5.Only Has Two Body Segments:

The spider has only two body segments unlike other insects that have three body segments, two segments that are prosoma or head and chest, and abdomen or stomach, Legs are in prosoma.

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