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Hello Steemians!

Today I want to explain to you some changes in the PhotoChain Ecosystem. PhotoChain is a Photography Contest born for fun and that arrived to the 20th edition. If you would like to know more about the challenge, visit The Last Edition Post.

All the changes will be implemented starting from the 21st edition.


Change 1: The Prize

So far the prize was set at 2 Sbi shares, 1 for each of the 2 weekly winners. From today things change: 2 winners will be chosen each week and each of them will be rewarded with 1 LIQUID STEEM.

Not only that: the Sbi shares in the prize will be kept but will not go to the 2 winners, but will be used as a prize for the best photos from a qualitative point of view, beyond the choice of the winners. The peculiarity of this contest lies in the fact that the most beautiful photo does not always win; the winner is the one that best represents the 2 key-subjects published every week. Quality was only one of the criteria used for the choice, but not the fundamental.

So, every week, I will award the 2 most beautiful or creative entries each with 1 SBI.

Change 2: The New Logo and the Cover

I thought to combine this change with that of the challenge logo. I made this new graphic myself and I hope you like it. I also decided to create a new cover both for the weekly edition post - which will have the one published just above in the post - and for the Block that is published every 28 days.

Change 3: Award Method

(Only with more than 10 participants)

What does this new method consist of? It is quite simple. One of the key points of blockchain technology is the randomness in the choice of who should receive a reward and my goal is to try and propose it again here.


The first step is to choose the photos that best represent the key subjects communicated each week. I will choose 30% of the participants' photos as finalists. After doing this, I will choose randomly the actual winners of the weekly edition among these finalists.

An example: if there are 10 participants, I will choose 3 finalists or 30% of the total. Then I'll choose randomly the 2 winners of the edition from these 3.

IMPORTANT: obviously I have decided to insert this rule only for editions that will gather a number of participants equal to or greater than 10.

I hope I have explained everything clearly. I thank you for your attention and invite you to ask if something is not clear to you.

To the next Edition! :)