PhotoBomb Challenge # 45

in photobombchallenge •  last year  (edited)

Hello! this is my 2° entry to PHOTOBOMB CHALLENGE # 45

round 45-1.jpg

By @norkamoran

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hi @norkamoran

I only wanted to thank you again for your support and valuable comment regarding my latest Trivial review.

Just figured that I will drop by and leave an upvote as a small token of appreciation.

have a great sunday,

Hi friend,

Yes of course, I already did, I'm sorry I forgot,


Your photo is just simply so cute @norkamoran :)

I love your positive energy.

you're very responsive which is absolutely great and steemit community surely will benefit by having you here.

if you would ever like to keep in touch and support each other closer, then drop me a message [email protected]
This will allow us to communicate easier.

No pressure of course,

Cheers, Piotr

Thanks for your comment friend (cute ??? hahahaha), you are a very nice person.

And of course, soon we will be in contact, I will write as soon as I can to your mail,

Greetings to your wife, your dog and the Malaysians from here !!!

PD: Excuse my English, sometimes it's very bad!

good morning @norkamoran

Greetings to your wife, your dog and the Malaysians from here !!!

She's not yet wife. Getting married tomorrow :)

Thank you either way, yours