PhotoBomb Challenge #54 - Entry 2


This is my entry to the contest

Entry 2

If you want to participate and you are interested in knowing the parameters of the contest, you can enter the following link

The jury for this contest will be @aneninen

Photography original

The contest consists of making a montage with an element in a photograph or image

The element this time was an Medieval Sword

This was my entry to PhotoBomb Challenge #54 - Contest by @fibra59

Do you want to know more about me?

The Gifs, Banners, Stripes and the Maquetado are the product of my creativity


Thanks for reading, I'll see you in a next Publication !!!



I still have a lot to tell

✳ S̻͛̊̅i̤̫͇m͙̖̾͋̃͗͗ͭp͖̘̒̋l̰ͬ̒̋͐y ̮͙̞̺ͩͪ̍ͨM̻͛̄a͍̩͚̪̤ͮ̒r̜͇̠ŝ͖͔̩̋̉ ✳

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