PhotoBomb challenge #17 - Entry #1

in photobombchallenge •  2 years ago 

Hello friends! I am very happy to participate in this fun challenge of @ fibra59. This is my first entry and the image I chose is from an Egyptian cat, the reason why I chose this photo was because I found it very "fun" because these kittens do not even have a little hair, so I thought why not add Something more to the personality of these glamorous cats? and this challenge gave me the opportunity to add not only whiskers, but also a beard, and this is the result of my PHOTOBOMB.


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source of the original image

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Que creativa eres! El gatito al observarlo me da algo de miedo, pero con la barba incluida se ve mucho mejor. Éxitos mi estimada. Saludos

Holaa! muchas gracias @maurelvys

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