PhotoBomb Challenge #8 + Winners of #7

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Hello dear PhotoBombers!

Bitcoin may fall, but PhotoBomb can not!
So let's go again to a new PhotoBomb Challenge #8

Let's announce the winners of the PhotoBomb #7!


(Judge @gymbudddy)

First place and the winner of 12$: @gantraik28

Second place and the winner of 8$: @digitalimaging

Third place and the winner of 4$: @nicolaepavelean

Fourth place and the winner of 2$: @dksart

Fifth place and the winner of 2$: @nunopher2013

Sixth place and the winner of 2$: @coin-flip

Congratulations to all the winners!!


Judge for PhotoBomb Challenge #8 will be @primordial-unit

For this time you need to make photo bomb with this photo:



The most creative and funny PhotoBomb this week will be awarded with $12!

Winner - 12 $

Second place - 8 $

Third place - 4 $

Fourth Fifth & Sixth - 2 $


A photobomb occurs when some third party interferes with a photo in a way that shifts the focus
from the original subject to the photobomber.

To make good photobomb entry you need to insert the picture that I give to you into some other picture
so the inserted image makes the whole picture look funny.

- Title of every entry must contain "PhotoBomb challenge # - Entry #"
- End of challenge will be on Tuesday at 12:00 (UTC +1)
- First tag of post must be #photobombchallenge
- Each user can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge
- Announcement of winners will be on Thursday

How to support challenge?

- Vote on this post
- Resteem this post
- Create at least one entry
- If you are interested to be guest judge on next challenge contact me at
- If you have an picture for next meme challenge post it in reply of this post or contact me

Good luck everyone!

Support #photobombchallenge with your upvote!

Payout of meme posts are filling photobombchallenge reward pool!

Greetings from @fibra59

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Hope you'll like my three entries in just one post.:)
Thanks in advance.

Congrats winners! and thanks! Here is my 1st entry


Hehe, great example of entry :)

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I "wannabe" the winner
This is my 2nd entry. I hope you find it both creepy and funny :)





I like this one haha


Thanks! :)


now that made me laugh! Great one!!


Hehehe thanks you

  ·  last year (edited)

Just found this Challenge and what fun!

Here is my entry - Mr. Bean is the White Walker King



LOLOL that is toooo funny! Love me some BeanGoT :D
Do anotha one!!


Thanks! :)

A new super threat hangs over planet Earth.... but the JUSTICE BEAN can succeed!!!
Here my entry, I had sooo much fun... thanks for this #photobombchallenge, @fibra59 :)
Justice-LeagueMR BEAN.jpg
If you want to discover all the adventure of the Justin Bean...

once again congratulations to the winners and this is my first entry

Congratulations to the winners of the previous challenge here I bring my Entry #1 @fibra59
entry 1 #8.jpg


@losthippie this is hilarious!

congrats to all the winners. Here is my first entry
Obean wan kenobean

Here I leave my participation and the link for their respective analysis : GREETINGS

@fibra this is my #2 entry


I hope it qualifies me for your reward

Congratulations to the lucky winners!
I love this challenge, thank you @fibra59.
Here's my 1st entry: Mr. Bean is now driving Tesla ... in space


Here's my second entry.
On his journey through space, Mr. Bean has made two new acquaintances. Not exactly the nicest guys, but Mr. Bean is happy not to be alone anymore.


It's my 3rd entry.
Now Mr. Bean is back on earth, but the guys he met last time were really evil.
They swapped his hairstyle for that of a man who apparently fell headfirst into a squirrel family.


Esta es mi 3era entrada ...


Buen concurso! @ fibra59 :D

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Hello friends, my entry # 1. Good luck to everyone

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Here is our last entry...
Are you ready to see his Red Room of Pain?

buenas a todos aquí les dejo mi presentación para todos espero que las disfruten al máximo


jajajaja esta buena esta foto jajaja @sheilamenher esta genial.


Gracias!!! ;)

Hi friends here is my second entry for photobomb challenge



nice edit

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Congratulations to the previous winners! This is my entry to photobomb challenge #8.


nice edit

This is my second entry for photobombchallenge # 8

Hi @fibra59, this is my first time I following this photobomb challenge, I hope you like it guys. This theme is Happy Family


nice edit


Thank you @garraboy for your vote and support me to do better next time

Congratulations to the winners, very good! I share my entrance.


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Esta es mi entra para este PhotoBomb Challenge #8 gracias a @fibra59

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  ·  last year (edited)


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this is my first entry... thanks @fibra59 for this wonderful contest

Great concept!

Wow .... this is a very interesting challenge, i will try it. I don't know whether I can win or not. But I will try to participate. Win or lose is not a problem. 😁

Congrats winners..

very funny

hahaha I love the challenge! I'm going to do my photobomb! : D


Good luck :D

my entry

Entry 2

entry three

And here Here is my second entry... are you afraid??
the ring bean.jpg

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Untitled design.jpg

😂 i actually like number 5,mortal kombat things