PhotoBomb Challenge #28

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Hello dear PhotoBombers!

Get ready for making the best entrys so far because this PhotoBomb week will be awesome!

Let's announce the winners of the PhotoBomb #27!


(Judge @tsnaks)

First place and the winner of 12$: @daryjean

Second place and the winner of 8$: @summer14

Third place and the winner of 4$: @intisar

Fourth place and the winner of 2$: @quamce

Fifth place and the winner of 2$: @mow

Sixth place and the winner of 2$: @pizzapai

Congratulations to all the winners!!


Judge for PhotoBomb Challenge #28 will be @baldos

For this time you need to make photo bomb with this photo:


The most creative and funny PhotoBomb this week will be awarded with $12!

Winner - 12 $

Second place - 8 $

Third place - 4 $

Fourth Fifth & Sixth - 2 $


For this contest a photobomb is considered a valid entry when you use the provided image and insert it into a picture of your choice to make it look funny.

- Title of every entry must contain "PhotoBomb challenge # - Entry #"
- End of challenge will be on Tuesday at 12:00 (UTC +1)
- First tag of post must be #photobombchallenge
- Each user can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge
- Announcement of winners will be on Thursday

How to support challenge?

- Vote on this post
- Resteem this post
- Create at least one entry
- If you are interested to be guest judge on next challenge contact me at
- If you have an picture for next meme challenge post it in reply of this post or contact me

Good luck everyone!

Support #photobombchallenge with your upvote!

Payout of PhotoBomb posts are filling photobombchallenge reward pool!

Greetings from @fibra59

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Great entry @dksart! Thank you and good luck! :)

my second entry:


have a great time everybody!

PEACE, edga NOWARGraffitis


Great entry @nowargraffitis!
Thank you and good luck :)


thank you for the great contest!

I apologize in advance for this entry, I have had these stupid images of Dan in my head and now it has someone found it's way into this:


Heh :)
Nice one @cryplectibles :D


@angeldark, interesting and awesome entry! THank you! :)


gracias a usted estimado @fibra59 tus concursos son bastante atractivos y divertidos

Nothing better to eliminate stress than a parachute ride


That's true! :D
Also great entry @crisbe ;)
Thank you and good luck!

fibra59 #28.jpg

muchas felicitaciones a todos los ganadores, y saludos a @fibra59 y todos sus seguidores, esta es mi participación


Awesome work @minene ! Thank you and keep it up!
Good luck :)


muchas gracias @fibra59 me das mucho aliento a seguir...


Great entrys @luzeroc4, thank you for your particiaption :)

saludos amigos esta es mi participación de la semana, espero sacarles una sonrisa
clavado photobom 28.jpg


Hahaha, really great entry @daryjean!
Thank you and good luck :)




gracias @fibra59 siempre le estaré siguiendo y participando

Congratulations to the winners


Awesome entry @crisbe! Thanks and good luck :)


Heheh, nice one @bachateiro!
Thank you and good luck! Keep it up ;)


Hahah @opiman! Thank you for this, great entry :)


thanks to you friend for making this contest is pleasant for me to participate

This is my second entry today I hope you like it and be of your liking

Sin título-1.jpg


Nice one @opiman! Thanks and good luck :)


you give me a lot of encouragement really thank you and that good that you liked it

this is my third entry today I hope you like it and be your liking



I like it @opiman, thank you :)


excellent friend

felicitaciones a todos los ganadores del perido, veremos que podemos presentar en esta instancia
feliz dia para todos


Graet entrys @faiyazmahmud !
Thank you for your participation :)

Hola a todos, felicidades a los ganadores. Acá mi primera entrada


@devjanes, thank you for your entry, it's awesome :D


hahaha you got this!

Such a great contest idea, feel like I need to enter! I never photobomb anyone, maybe now is the time! Though might be awkward asking strangers to send me the photo!


Hehe, thank you, I'm glad that you like it!
We're waiting for your entry ;)


Ha, I have to think of something good enough first!

My first entry



Nice one @sonu4012 :)


Hehe, nice one @lugiatype26 :D


Nice entry @dumbo! Thank you and good luck again :D


Great entry @gpm!
Thank you :))
Good luck :D

Many thanks to @tsnaks and @fibra59. I won 2nd place this time. Congrats to other winners as well.


@reginecruz, thank you for this awesome entrys!
Good luck :)


Great one @pizzapai!
Thank you and all the best! Good luck :)

Congrats to all the winner of photobombchallenge..

here is my entry number 3 :


have fun,

peace ,

-edga NOWARGraffitis

Photobombchallenge#28 My first entry The High FiveAdobe_20180701_112801.jpg


@holymacaroni, thank you, great entry!
Good luck :)

Photobombchallenge#28 My second entry😊Adobe_20180701_111026.jpg

Photobombchallenge#28 third entryAdobe_20180701_114040.jpg

gracias @fibra59 estoy feliz


Nice one @mfxqaq, thank you and good luck :)


Hehe, great one!
Thank you @gomessteem :))

Deadly collision of death, be careful in car rake because safety is everything.



Nice one @tember!
Thank you and good luck :)