Simple photos. Twelve-hour test nowhere

in photo •  last year

Being nowhere.

Silence. A hut in the depths of the road and forest resembling a summer house more reminiscent of a forest house or an ornithologist. Altanka with a table on which we placed a cake smelling of chocolate, carrots and cinnamon. Peace. Much calm. And yet no, the mosquitoes ruthlessly bite and buzz. And they do not give us a breath, until the fire comes on. An sleepless night spent laughter, talking, talking, confessions. A dozen or so women, who only met in April, suddenly became close to each other with the help of cameras and fire.

These are not perfect photos. I did it as I felt. But I wanted to share them with you. Nature is not my favorite model, and yet this time I was delighted to see nature through the lens.


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the photo is : right moment on the right place 😀

Those pictures are crazy good, really like them. :)