Do you agree if indomie becomes the second staple food?

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I know a friend who has never consumed rice even though he is a native of Aceh-Indonesia. He likes it more often and likes instant noodles. Starting from breakfast until dinner, he only ate indomie, with various other processed foods.
Many people believe that consuming indomie will experience many risks, such as weakening of brain function, digestive disorders, even the current phenomenon of instant noodles can cause severe illness.

On average, patients treated in hospitals have typhus, hepatitis, tumors, cancer and cysts with one of the causes is instant noodles.
However, this does not apply to everyone, depending on one's metabolism, even people who eat instant noodles every day for years, do not experience any interference, and live a healthy life.


absolutely... sehari gak makan mie gak lengkap rasanya

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👍Suka indomie goreng atau rebus?

goreng... kalau goreng isi dua masih sanggup ngabisin.. hehe

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I think better to find other alternative for the second staple food. Preferably something natural. Maybe cassava or potato. Indo mie tastes really good, but may contain bring negative effect if consumed too much. Just my opinion.

Thanks for your comment, good opinion,i like potato

Saya makan indomi tiap hampir tiap malam. Indomie sehat bergizi.

I think this is Testy make easy looking good but not healthy.

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