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I saw a rose once,

It stood alone amongst a field of thorns
Significant, defiant, unique.

No one had to tell me for I already knew
The seasons it had stood through

How it had weathered the storms and handled many a scorch
Survived the droughts and withstood the winds
And even after it all it stood proud:

A Rose.

And every time I saw another I thought of that single one
I thought of you
As nothing less than
A beautiful rose

How battling your emotions had been fertile ground
How the waterfalls behind your eyes had rushed to nurse its roots
How every time your voice quivered and sent shivers down your spine your stem stood better

And to top it all, the way you smiled through it all and blossomed into the most beautiful petals.
Each fold bearing a story of its own.

So then, should you ever forget from whence you’ve come.
The strength you have hidden in your folds
I’ll hold you aloft for the sun to see
The beauty of an un-withering rose.


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