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These pictures were taken on Jeju, South Korea. It is a volcanic island and the people there use this native lava stone very widely. In the countryside particularly, almost every wall is made from volcanic stones stacked like the top picture. There is a wonderful folk village there, where I snapped these other images.

I have more of these photographs and will follow with another post soon.

Flowers line a lava wall.

A holed stone in a wall outside some of the folk buildings.

I think it's a mill wheel.

A tower made of stacking stones.

One of the grandfather stones for which the island of Jeju is famous.

All photos are property of the author and may not be re-used without permission. Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8.

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South Korea is beautiful

You been to Korean lately? Awesome!

Hi @thatindianlady, I have seen Lava in Hawaii and they are black which is definitely similar to those in Korea. Is there any significant meaning to the way the piling of the tower of the stones was done? Interesting structures of their housing from your photos. Thanks for sharing.


There must be deep meanings to much of it, but I do not know.

Charu! You've gotten the control of your account now? Such a delight to see a post coming from this account after several months. Missed you dear.


Blog is active again with new author.


Ahhh korea....thatindian(korean)lady

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This is a new lady, who will wander far and wide.


Love to see the new lady in a new avatar...👍

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Nice place....

Nice photography :)