very beautiful korean city, the car park is also very neat this is called a developed city. thank for sharing friends

Beautiful click . Upvote and followed.

Spectacular, I always wanted to visit korea, but I think it will only be a dream

Very beautiful

parking is worth the example

this is what the disciplined city says @shinhan

The old city of Korea. Remembered the story of Kaesong, the capital of the Koryo Dynasty that had once won a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is an interesting place for an ancient capital in Korea.

@shinhan can you share with me how you're getting all the impact on Steemit??? I see out of 9 voters you're getting 10-15-20 USD on every post... I want also the same results!

I am on Steemit for like a month and quite new at this... thank you for helping a newbie :)

Much appreciated!

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