Take your love and I want to go ahead with photography

in #photo4 years ago


.. Want to know too much
Want to know too much
Are you the same as before?
Or has changed a lot.

If it is still the first morning
Cover the bath with pure flowers
I used to think of worship in the house of Thakur
Would like to know

Is it still late when I return home in the evening?
How many eyes are filled with water?

Even if the night is niggood
The autumn is left open beside the story
I am crying and weeping at my heart
Want to know too much ..


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Thank you for staying next

Hi Good Morning. You are beautiful. Your photography is nice. Keep it up. And give me some tips for better photography. I am not a good photographer, but love photography. I like Natural beauty.

Thank you very much for your beautiful views

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