Tour of Minnesota Part 2: Lake Pepin, The Widest Portion of the Mississippi River, and Maybe the Most Beautiful.

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What a great feeling to discover an amazing place just 2 hours away from home.

Yesterday, I took a trip down famous Highway 61--a highway that stays close to the Mississippi all the way down to New Orleans.

Lake Pepin is a natural lake and it's the widest part of the Mississippi River. I've seen photos of Lake Pepin in the past, but to see this lake up close is truly awe-inspiring.

Seeing the bluffs up close is also very impressive. The hills are quite steep. In fact, driving through the area reminds me California or Arizona.

I started on a short hike. Then I remembered there were rattlesnakes in the bluffs, and the trail wasn't very defined and full of leaves. I didn't want to take chances. I've met a rattlesnake up close and would prefer to do that again!

Our spring has come late in Minnesota. Otherwise, it would be much greener. I am looking forward to coming back maybe in May when everything will green up and grass will be on the trees.

Hope you enjoy my photos!



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I've never been there although have heard the name of the lake. Nice post!


Thank you. It's a great lake to look at, and nice hills and bluffs. It might be more popular if the lake was more functional. It's good for fishing, but unfortunately, it's pretty polluted.

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