Spring Tour of Minnesota, Part 1: Stillwater, MN, Historic City Comes Alive in First Week of Nice Weather

in photo •  last year

Stillwater, MN might be the happiest city in Minnesota Who wouldn't be happy walking around a beautiful river town with historic buildings. Not to mention there's food everywhere you look.

Stillwater also hapens to be the oldest city in Minnesota.

The first photo in this series is the historic Lift Bridge. A new bridge has replaced the Lift Bridge for vechile traffic. The Lift Bridge was actually scheduled to be torn down, but officials moved at the last moment to save it. The thought of tearing down this historic landmark seems absolutely insane in retrospect. It will be used for pedistrian traffic.

Stillwater has had some water encroach the city and I will feature some photos of the floodwater in my next post.

For now, enjoy the photos!


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