Remembering the summer - rest in Berdyansk and porridge at the stake

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This porridge can not be forgotten. In general, all that is cooked on an open fire or coals - tastes doubly tasty. The food becomes very tasty and appetizing. Even those products that we do not eat in everyday life - they become more delicious and they want to eat.
What's more pleasant in the preparation of porridge - so this is what is used the whole cycle from the firing of firewood to turning them into coals and further decay.
1 Phase - burning - gives water to boil, and the second phase - decay - maintains a very slow boil until ready.

And that's what we cooked on the grill. Millet porridge and a wonderful chicken. While the porridge was insisted and cooled down a little, the chicken part was cooked on the remaining coals.

Bon Appetit.

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Nice foods ....good post.



This food looks very good :)




you are welcome :)