It Was So Cold That Icebergs Formed On A Great Lake Near My House

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I live on Lake Ontario, near Toronto. Lake Ontario almost never freezes totally but near the shore the crashing waves cause ice to form. The iceberg that I took a photo of was about 10 feet tall and about 40 feet across. As with all icebergs there was much more of it below the waterline.

Hopefully no ship with Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will travel near here.

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Whaaaat!?!?! Is this real? I wouldn't have thought that was possible. It was cold here but it seemed only for short spurts, then it got quite warm on several occasions. This is quite surprising to me. Unless it's a joke

It’s real. The waves got big and after each wave a bit more ice accumulated on the formations. The huge piece that I showed must have broken off, or maybe it’s a rock underneath that’s coated with so much ice.


Wow that's crazy. I've never heard of that happening on a great lake. Thats really cool

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Wow, I would see it with my own eyes!! Lake Ontario is not very far from I am.