Tarkhany is the place where Lermontov grew up # 14

in photo •  11 months ago 

Walking through the estate, we found a cart with a horse, it turned out that there is a stable on the territory, where you can take a walk in the park for a fee, exploring the surroundings, and horse riding is also offered. Imagine how happy we were that you can finally rest without taking your eyes off the terrain.

Also in the estate there is an apiary, a greenhouse, where exotic plants grow, oak grove and chapel.
We spent a whole day on everything, for which we did not manage to see everything we wanted, so we'll have to come back here again.

But from what we had time to see there were good and kind memories.

On this journey through the Tarkhans came to an end, all thanks to who was interested.

With you was @marimag

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