And we have frogs

in photo •  11 months ago

We have a small pond nearby, which we regularly go out for walks, especially in the evenings.
Now of course our walks became less frequent, but earlier, when the children were small, we very often went there, sometimes twice per day.

He always liked children, because there you can see a lot of all living creatures: ducks, hives, fry and frogs.

The latter is particularly fond of the son. We can walk with him a long time around the pond watching the frogs. The main thing is to approach them very quietly, when they sit on the shore, basking in the sun. Then you can consider them in great detail.

But it's worth stepping on some branch, which breaks cracking, frogs jump into the water in a panic, fleeing.

It is only one frog croak, as others immediately pick up, as if on command.

And in the evening at the pond you can hear a whole frog chorus!

Thank you all, with you was @marimag

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