Here we are argain alive and well!

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Long time has been passed since my last post here in the steem blockchain.

During all of these months without posting, nothing special happened, just a new baby born during the first quarantine period of corona nonsense, moving to new house, and get stuck because of lockdown. LOL.

Some really very happy moments have happened, like the birth of my second child, and having had the chance to make new friends with some really interesting people, whom I hope to have the opportunity to hang out with for a long time to come, but unfortunately I have to say that the bad moments were almost at the same level as the good ones!

I will be able to post everything that has happened to me and I also hope what will happen to me in the next posts.

For now I want to use this channel, and have the opportunity to post my experiences and thoughts, as a therapy to get out of the mental state I have recently fallen into, and to create new motivations both for me and for the people who will want to read me.
I'll create a blog on blogspot to better categorize all the past, and future posts, and I'll revitalize my youtube channel, and I'll create its clone on LBRY blockchain.

I want to start over with an old saying that my grandfather used to say, but which I think is famous all over the world:

"After the storm there is always a clear sky"


"Never afraid"



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