Photo experiments with a 360-degree camera | One photo #2

in photo •  5 months ago

Hello, friends.

I like to shoot on my camera 360 degrees. In one shot, you can capture everything at once.


Here you can clearly see the condensation trace left by the aircraft.





The world is in a bubble!


(By the way, where's the photographer?)

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360 degrees?
Incredibly lovely.
The exploration of greenerage, skypuffs, and dirt.
All swiveled around until my eyes hurt!

Oh, wait, I'm a bot.
My vision swirls until my circuits hot!

Nice pictures!
Full of nuance
and rusty hues!

discovered from @steemengine
my human friend @lebekons!
Take care of yer biosphere!

Epic shot. I think I've seen a few like this before, such a unique way to take photos


Yeah, that's not new