1#🎨 PHOTO ART BLOG - An abandoned house cry is rage, not fear...😢

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Hello fellow art souls!

How are we doing=?

Here is the first thing I made for a new series called "photo - art - blog". I decided to make one each day since I have a lot of photos and it's my pleasure just playing around with them. Above us is a piece made out of a photo I took this year when on vacation in Istria, Croatia - Adriatic Sea. No matter how cool the place you can always find that "dark" spot somewhere.

The Original Photo

preview (56).jpg

I guess it was a public building back in the good days. Seems like now people use it as a graffiti site and such things...


💖I wish you a wonderful Sunday💖

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Until next time, thanks for stopping by! I upvote sweet comments so go for it, any upvote or resteem is much appreciated! Take care & stay awesome!

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You definitely have some editing skills here! What do you use for post editing? What operating system do you use? What kind of smartphone do you use? Also what kind of cameras do you use? Yeah I know I ask a lot of questions... I see you said you took this in Croatia... Are you from there or was you on holiday? I'll chill for now. Probably don't need to hit ya up on 2 different accounts... :P


Okay so, Photoshop (I have to sub for a full version :) and PicsArt app as you have some cool effect and filters on it. I use Windows 7 lolz if you mean that..hah.. I have two phones, Sony Xperia and Samsung Note 4 most pics are made with one of them... No, just a holiday trip. I live in Slovenia in the countryside.

Now you "know" me...

Share with me:) Same questions I guess... Let's go:)


I have adobe creative cloud and use photoshop and lightroom from it. I also use PicMonkey, iPhotos (MacOS only client), iPhone and various applications for iOS. I have 2 dslr cameras both Canon EOS Rebels and then I have a cheap Polaroid snap and FUJIFILM instax mini 7s. I had started wanting to order some older film cameras from Russia so I could do lomography style film. Anyhow... I am from and live in Florida. I have lived in Toronto, Canada for a couple of years. My ancestry is actually Eastern European... Lithuanian, Poland and Ukraine. A bit of a mute I guess. I'm actually Ashkenazi.. I am not sure if you are familiar with that?

The editing skill you have @kid4life is superd. Wow. It looks scary. Good for Halloween theme.


Thanks mahh man! I appreciate the support and kind words!:)

Hmm good idea!:P

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nice skills you have there, love abandoned areas where nature starts to reclaim..

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