Still from Manipur.

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Hello Steemians,

Good evening everyone. 

I am good, I hope you are good too. Guys, Manipur is a really beautiful state of India. Have you visited or not? If you not, You should definitely visit Manipur. Our India is so beautiful even then people like to visit foreign. But guys, my dream is to visit Thailand for some fun. The fun you get in Thailand you won't get it anywhere in the world. So one day I will also visit Thailand. This is Loktak lake, It is a very beautiful lake in Manipur. You should definitely visit. Well, I hope you guys will like my photography. 

Device  :-  Nikon D7000
Location :-   Manipur

EXIF :  | f/13.0 | SS 1/200 sec |  ISO 200 | 30 mm |   

Best Regards

@khalifaimaman aka Amit

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