KASSICAM // Vamos!?

in photo •  7 months ago


Haven't had someone taking a shot of me for a really long time. This was the first over a long time and I am amazed how.. okay it actually turned out. Casual.

Oh and I also went a little blonder in May. __^

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Hello, charming Amazon. :)

Thats great you looking so good honey

badass. the hair looks good_)

No girl is complete without her M16.


Haha! :D

wow. she would fit right in in lot of the guns States we have here in the US.


Actually I'm a bit afraid of the real guns tho, because they're heavy and I'm weak :D

Beautiful and dangerous :D

uhhhhhhh that's quite a weapon you got there.


Borrowed it from a 4y old kid tho...


....oh my. LOL