Lost in pine forest .... - Landscape Photography

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Have you ever felt lost somewhere?
Have you ever wanted to be lost and found?

I had a short trip to Dalat last month. It was just 2 days one night but it became an unforgetable memory. A dreamlike, charming Dalar seems to be for a dreamer like me.

I took this photo while I was exploring the pine forest which is known as a symbol of this mountainous city. Taking a bike, then following the twisty road, riding about 20 minutes up to the hill.

When you have gone far enough from the city, you will go through pine-covered slopes and gradually go deeper into the peaceful place.

Leave the bike on the hill slope, I walk through the forest and stop in front of river. Sitting down among the spindled pines and seeing the white geese walking around. From here, I could look out over the river and valley bellow, and listen to the sound of nature.

Suddenly I feel really relieved as if here is place that I could see almost forever.


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rvstrk comment.jpeg

Hope you like it 😉


ohhh. thank you!!. Look really nice. haha


Nice. How did you make this "reproduction"?

Another great shot in another fine post.

I did not think this was taken near the same place as your other Dalat photo. In fact, it looks a bit like Canada, with the pine trees and the mountains. (I'm in Canada now, but will return to Thailand in 3 days.)


yea. when I took this photo, It also brought me a feeling of somewhere not Vietnam anymore. haha.
Have a nice trip James.
Ah, Now you may be in Thailand already. lol