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During my current trip, I took a lot of photos. Some of them are more artistic, which I gonna upload as a photo of a day.

Photo of a day: New York in grey colors

2017-09-05 08.52.27 1-1280x960.jpg

To jest chyba moje ulubione zdjęcie jak dotąd. Oddaje klimat takiego starego, zapracowanego Nowego Jorku.

My steemit goal

I want to buy my dream car using money earned on steemit. Right now my account value is around $84, so I have 0.42% of my $20000 goal.

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하루의 시작을 하늘을 보며... 화이팅 하면서 시작을 ...

This is a very interesting image with the perfect color toning for this city. It looks really authentic. You got yourself a new follower.


Thank you

Jak z jakiegoś kryminału albo z trillera :) Albo takie Gotham...