Photo "Beautiful Peony"

in #photo6 years ago

Good afternoon friends! Peonies prefer well-lit and sun-warmed areas, although they may suffer a slight shading in the middle of the day. A multifaceted herbaceous, semi-shrub or shrubby plant with several stems up to 1 m high. The rhizome is large with thick, thickened, lumpy roots. 15-25 cm, single, with a cup and a halo. Calyx remaining, more or less leathery, from 5 dark-green or reddish sepals; petals in number 5, rarely more, large, much larger than sepals, broad, often dented at the end, white, pink, red, cream or yellow, sometimes with dark spots at the base. Stamens are numerous; pistils 1-8, sitting on a fleshy disk.
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