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This is a hall off of the elegant "Lobby 7" at MIT. It's the entrance to Building 7, also known as the Rogers Building, named for the founder of MIT. See a great photo by alumnus George Lin, here:


I walk through this space several times a day, and will often catch a glimpse of the reflection on the floor leading into Building 9. They will periodically polish this floor, first removing the previous coating.


Then, after a day or two of the floors being unusually dull, they will suddenly be mirror-fresh! Is that a thing? It's probably the new Gatorade flavor.


I waited until there was no one walking toward me, so I didn't weird them out. After getting into position, I waited for some people to walk into view. The hall is nice on its own, but there's nothing like the added interest of a silhouette.


Once you get people in there, you need to catch them in just the right pose. In mid-stride, or paused. With an umbrella perhaps?


Then I review the images, and choose the one I like the best. There was this one:


But I like this one better, with a guy in mid stride:


And then I posted it to Instagram, using the Hefe filter:


Let me know what you think of my photos, and if you want to see more, please hit the follow button!



I’m having a very difficult time choosing a favorite. Neat perspective.

I had a hard time myself!

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