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Hi everyone. Autumn this year was just wonderfully warm and joyful.


September is in full swing, and the weather is so Sunny outside. I haven't seen such a beautiful autumn in a long time. +25 Celsius. Looks like summer decided to stay with us for a while. This is great.


Making these photos in the editor, I decided to experiment a little and turn these days into a real autumn atmosphere. Look what happened to me. Autumn fairy forest.


In fact, there is still no bright autumn colors. This is what it looks like in reality.


And yet the spirit of autumn is felt, despite the heat. The leaves are already falling and circling in the wind. I love this time of leaf fall. I managed to catch this magic shot when a leaf of a tree flies in the air.


September. It's time to start something new, otherwise you will always be drawn into the abyss of autumn melancholy. Autumn is a special time, and it's not even the weather. No matter how strong your spirit is, with the arrival of September it weakens, it becomes lazy and sleepy. And often you want to fly somewhere after migratory birds. Well, flying to warmer climes is a great idea. But if for some reason with the flights did not work, then certainly start a new business in September. It's a great alternative. .


Since September I started:

  • Morning jog
  • Completely meat-free food
  • Learning new yoga asanas
  • Online English training .
    And besides that, I have a lot of plans and ideas. So this year I have absolutely no time for autumn melancholy, and it's great!
    Do you have any new business this September? Or maybe you have a new goal and dream?


Dream bolder! Desires tend to come true. Only we somehow quickly forget about it. The wish came true, and we are already guessing a new, not feeling this moment. Thinking about it, I came to the idea that all my desires throughout life somehow came true. Maybe not at the time, or not quite as desired. But still they were executed. Man tends to not to notice this, if already in his psyche this burned out, or happened, but not with those the result. And we just miss this fact of implementation by our eyes.


But wishes definitely come true. And that they were carried out faster and more accurately need to dream consciously. Seriously, even science is how to dream. Do you believe it? Your wishes come true? The universe is energy. Desire is also energy. If in your head something came up, then do not doubt that all energy flows will be directed to the fact that the idea was realized. If you want something, then you can do it. Dream in detail, dream in a positive way, dream clearly. And then the universe will help you realize your dream.


I want to test that theory. And I am sure that my wishes this time to be executed as I conceived. Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you soon.



Amazing and inspiring story! Especially going meat-free, way to go. :) Learning something new everyday and improving as a person is a key to success in life. :) Have a great September!

Thanks so much. Support is very important when you start something new. I wish you a wonderful autumn too!

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