Happy country childhood. Photo shoot artistic plot.

in #photo3 years ago

Hi, everybody. The long-awaited summer vacation came. All children are happy and cheerful. After all, there are so many carefree days ahead, days with games and friends.
I spent this photo shoot, trying to catch a lot of emotions and convey the atmosphere of a special moment of joy and ease. I want every viewer to feel a slight note of nostalgia, looking at these pictures. Remembering yourself at the beginning of it. As in the work of Bradbury "dandelion Wine". The symbol of the upcoming summer, happiness - a dandelion flower. It seems to say: Hey, all the best days are still ahead!

01- 1200.jpg







Thanks for coming. I am happy to show these works to my friends. I hope you enjoyed it and your heart trembled with sweet nostalgia for your childhood moments.See you soon!




seeing these photos made me smile, fun to see this animated little guy in his spring joy!

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