Dusk in love

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Saying goodbye to the sun

To show love there is no special moment of the day, however I think that when the sun goes out and the night comes, it is like everything is confabulated to start the ideal romance. If you are starting a love relationship and you want to generate a romantic moment this would be one of the most indicated, at nightfall the cool breeze arrives, the colors become more subdued and only a hug provides shelter creating a special magic.

To have the opportunity to photograph an evening is like falling in love with the landscape for a lifetime.

Night hug

In love with the evening

Every day is ideal to show your love for another person, cultivate good friendships and get active in drawing your best smile in the face of life.

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot


These photos follow the sequence of my previous publication photography-moments-to-not-forget from the hill Avila, but an hour later entering the night a little more. Making this type of photographs where you should play with the sun's rays, has allowed me to cultivate patience and learn to wait for the best moment to achieve a shot that will not be repeated, I believe that here is the secret, of knowing how to wait. Before finalizing I share this thought, that I leave in my publications:

If a photograph steals a smile from you, then that is its value, the rich feeling it provokes.

I invite you to cheer up in the art of photography, in addition to share with me
What does the value of a photo mean to you?

As always I wait for your comments, to be able to share and get to know you a little more. We'll see each other soon, for the invisible friends who read me.
A photograph brings back memories that the mind can forget.
With all my affection: Angelica7

Twitter: @lmartinezmdl


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