Medicinal Plants, a great opportunity to grow at home // The value of a photo

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Happy life for all my followers and friends. In this publication I share 3 Macro photographs, which I obtained from the garden of my house and I wanted to show that the cultivation of medicinal plants in the home is very profitable.

Brilliant mind

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot

This beautiful plant, today's protagonist is used in infusions to strengthen memory. It is very easy to grow, since it is a wild plant, which requires little water.

Granada with energy

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot

This plant in addition to having flowers of beautiful color, its fruit is used to clean arteries, controls high blood pressure, reduces blood cholesterol, decreases fluid retention and is a sexual enhancer among other multiple benefits.

Happy dream with lemon balm

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot>

The lemon balm plant has many benefits such as: flu relief, cough, calm anxiety, gas, headaches and upset stomach. It is also excellent for a rich and pleasant sleep.


Grow medicinal plants at home, is very useful, because besides beautiful, they are very useful at the time of need. I also share that photography is already part of my life, it is as if I learned to look differently, everything seems to me more interesting and from each landscape, moment, situation or object I find looking beyond what can be seen at a glance , the truth is a wonderful experience. My most sincere congratulations to all the photographers of the world. Finally, I share a thought:

If a photograph steals a smile from you, then that is its value, the rich feeling it provokes.

Original Publication, of my authorship in Spanish

Te invito a que te animes en el arte de la fotografía, además de que compartas conmigo
¿qué significa para ti, el valor de una foto?

Como siempre espero sus comentarios, para poder compartir y conocerte un poquito más. Prontamente nos veremos, para los amigos invisibles que me leen.
Una fotografía trae recuerdos, que la mente puede olvidar.
Con todo mi cariño: @angelica7

Twitter: @lmartinezmdl
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Hermosas fotos!!! Un abrazo!


Querida @agromeror que alegría verte por aquí, gracias por tu comentario, un gran abrazo. Además son super útiles estas hermosas plantas.
Buena vibra.

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Gracias, buena vibra.

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Gracias, Buena vibra.

yes you are right


Thank you for your beautiful visit.
Good vibes.