Love and energy of beautiful dogs

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Lucero my second love

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: iPhone

Dear followers on this occasion, I bring you a very special photograph. It's from my pet called "Lucero". Within my work, I highlight the importance of a photograph, because I believe that it brings to the present moments that the mind can forget and for that reason a great part of its value.

Pets usually fill spaces in people's lives, which sometimes they do not know they need to fill. Particularly in my life my pets are a wonderful blessing, see every day as they seem to smile at me and give me their love without asking anything in return, they make my life happier.

Without words and through the dialogue of love, pets can understand our energy based on our reaction and interaction with them, their sense of smell is an energy detector. If you are sad, you may notice some anxiety in your pet, this is normal and your pet will try to encourage you. When you are happy, your pet also perceives it and this makes her happy.

Dogs can influence our emotional state, when we feel good we tend to caress them and in doing so our energy can be activated, which causes us to release endorphins by lowering blood pressure, we can relax our muscles and other important benefits.

when you get home, does not it make you happy, watch your dog wag its tail and jump for joy?

The dog and what it represents:

It is the symbol of unconditional love, fidelity, obedience, family, solidarity, protection, loyalty and generosity. To have a dog is to have the living symbol of friendship, to be sociable, generous, communicative and loyal to others.


Sharing photographs of my loves, they fill me with a lot of pride, they also remind me of the moments I enjoyed looking for the poses to share. Lucero is super playful and lends herself to everything. Before finalizing I share this thought, that I leave in my publications:

If a photograph steals a smile from you, then that is its value, the rich feeling it provokes.

I invite you to cheer up in the art of photography, in addition to share with me
What does the value of a photo mean to you?

As always I wait for your comments, to be able to share and get to know you a little more. We'll see each other soon, for the invisible friends who read me.
A photograph brings back memories that the mind can forget.
With all my affection: Angelica7

Twitter: @lmartinezmdl

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There are about 400 million dogs in the world.


I did not know the statistics that there were so many dogs, but what I do know, is what for those of us who love these animals, we receive a lot of love and we must be responsible for taking care of them. Thanks for comment.
Good vibes.

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Querida amiga que bueno verte por aquí, los extraño, he estado bastante muy muy ocupada, pero siempre pendiente de ustedes, recientemente he sufrido perdidas sensibles. Un abrazo fuerte. Como siempre tienes todo mi apoyo.


Mi niña bella, si puedes déjame tu num de telef por el discord al privado y hablamos un ratico. Espero en Dios te de mucha fuerza querida @agromeror y recuerda un día tras el otro. Pronto cantaras con nosotros nuevamente, en el karaoke para reconfortar tu energía. un abrazo.
Buena vibra.

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Hi Angelica. :)
A sweet cute one, you have there! ❤ I am a cat lover, but I do consider all pets/animals as eternal babies in need of care and love.


How beautiful you are, @lady-idra I believe that those who love animals are people with a different sense of life and have wonderful warmth.
Good vibes.