Steemit Should be Important to Pro Photographers!

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Steemit should be very important to pro photographers. Most artists don't know an opportunity when it stares at them in the face and the majority of Creatives do not know how to market themselves effectively. I think is an amazing idea where content Creators get the recognition that they deserve with their hard work and effort.

Facebook and these corporate greedy bastards like Mark Zuckerberg have been selling our data and using us in the scheme of greed way too long. Not only that, they assist agencies like the NSA to scrape our networks and completely leave us vulnerable. To top it off, they charge content creators to reach a wider audience. Steemit - is trying to counter attack this exploitation by turning the tables. As soon as this realization dawned on me - I've grown very excited about Steem and look forward to posting images here and will be telling my friends about the platform.

This photograph is Mooney Falls, in Havasupai, inside the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. I captured it after dark under a full moon even though it looks like daytime. As much as I have liked using Facebook and Instagram - it's time for us to realize our value. If Facebook hopes to succeed, sooner or later, they will have to come to terms with the disruptive nature of blockchain technologies because they are going to begin liberating and freeing content creators and this is only fair for those who work so hard to create beauty!


How cool! I love your shots of Havasupai!

Man i love that place!
I actually would love to get back there but it's getting harder to get spots unless you plan way in advance and I don't plan too far in advance. haha