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The #Phore token ($PHR) is the native token of Phore blockchain. It is Reliable & effects Quick transactions, Enables Private & Transparent transactions. You get Rewarded for participation through Masternode/Staking. Decentralized Applications (dAPPs) projects can be built on Pphore blockchain. It has a Decentralized marketplace, enables crowdfunding. It is accessible & Usable.

Owning Phore Token this November will be a smart move because it is heavily undervalued. You will earn $PHR token every day from your Masternode/Staking simply by having it. Most importantly, you will earn free #Graphene ($GFN), a new DeFi enabling token from the Phore blockchain which will be unveiled to the public soon. Note that 100% of all Graphene ($GFN) will be distributed free to holders of $PHR as airdrop, there will be no ICO or IEO or Pre-mine of any Graphene

Take a look at new #Graphene wallet: https://t.co/Lpi5MOAuEi

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I agree, the is the best time to own Phore and get the Graphene airdrop

Amazed with Demo look of Graphene, cant wait for official launch, meanwhile its time to Fill your Bags with More Phore $PHR

this is a great airdrop of what it will be, the best chain dedicated to smart contracts ever created, I want the launch to arrive fast and I want to equally follow the advances of phore to follow the development of the best marketplace that has been launched before, what I see I like and I know that in the launches I liked better.