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Whenever I could hear the songs of old times just like that of the song of Engelbert entitled "Please Release Me", I remembered my grandparents who are now in their resting place. Yes, I used to hear that song when I was a kid and I enjoyed playing with the phonograph owned by them. That was magical for me then because I could unbelievably think of how such instrument produced such melody through that needle-like thing and a big disk spinning.

I missed those days. That phonograph created so much memory which would never be enlivened again. It vanished as that of the faces of the people dear to me. My grandmother was a strong and hardworking woman. She was a paragon of a wife and a mother. Grandfather was a disciplinarian. He was a man of principle and his only vice was that of smoking. Yet he was a good man and a good provider.

Today, we can rarely see a phonograph and maybe the millennials would have no idea what a phonograph looks like. That is why when I happened to drop by this photo, it struck me as it arouses sentiments. This is courtesy of Kampo Juan at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon who happened to preserve such instrument. Yes, so much of yesteryears were interwoven with this . How sad and how nostalgic but this is but life. People come and go and only memories linger.


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