Phoneum Holiday Share Giveaway

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Holiday Share Giveaway!

Between December 16th and January 4th, you can participate in this event by sharing the message below to a given social media, and enter to win great rewards!

We will be giving away 1 Million PHT, Promo codes for FREE purchases in our apps and games including VIP packages (Total value $2,000 USD)


  1. Copy the following message:

"The Phoneum Platform allows you to earn PHT through the mobile app Cloud Earning PHT, play games like Crypto Cards and Crypto Treasures, offset CO2 to help green projects operate in CO2 Cards, and purchase official merchandise from their store.

  1. Post the message to one or more of the following social media:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

  1. Take a screenshot of the post you created and share it in our special channel in Discord "sharegiveaway". To join our official Discord, visit our website, scroll to the section "Join the conversation" and tap the Discord button.


  1. You are allowed only 1 post/screenshot per social media (total of 4) entries in the giveaway.

  2. Reposting the same screenshot on the Discord channel will lead to automatic disqualification and BAN from Discord.

  3. Posting anything other than the screenshot on the "Share Giveaway" Discord channel will also lead to automatic disqualification and BAN from Discord.

  4. Winners of VIP packages that already have active VIP status, will receive an extension of 1 more year to their expiration date.

Once the giveaway ends, we will validate all entries and announce the winners on our Social Media. Follow us to keep track of the event.

Play fair and good luck to everyone!

The Phoneum Team