China's Shahmi is emphasizing the market in Europe and the USA

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China's Shahmi is emphasizing the market in Europe and the USA


After the developing world, Surpomi, the smartphone manufacturer of China, has been an increase in the European business. For this, a large part of the 610 million US dollars collected from the capital market is planning to spend in the European market. According to plan, Shamim is going to be listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9. As part of this process, the organization is exempted the 218 million normal shares of the initial public. Each shares is selling 2.2 to 15.0m 80 USD. Reuters reported that Shawmi's cooperation and chief executive officer (CEO) Lee June said on a press conference in Hong Kong on Saturday, "One asked me, whether we will increase business in the developing country? Last year we entered the European market. Since then, we have been able to have, "there are" MI "fans. 'It is basically the three countries, spending three countries, Spain, Russia and Indonesia will cost. Shawmi emphasized in the market of China, recently recently brought their first flagship store or sale in the capital of France. As well as Europe is planning to come to the US market. In this context, Shawmi's cooperation Wang Chuan said, "We are optimistic about the United States-China trade relations." A news is said in the news that the company has made a contract with the Syedi with the Syrian initiative to enter the market of the United Kingdom and Europe. Sarami was positive after the start of the activities in Spain in the last year. Now the company can sell the smartphone in other markets in Europe, including the Sikh Hatchis. The news agency Reuters reported that in the beginning, Shayi would open three shops in the UK under the Telecom Institute on Sihikis. From there, Shamim's products will be sold. Apart from this, the Chinese company will sell the smartphone in Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Sweden in the BREAK Store. In the last year, Shawmir Chairman Lee June hints to start the activities in Europe. He said Shahmi will come to the United States in the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019. Shoutimi sells android TV sets of the 'And TV' in the United States. However, the success of the United States market depends on the law and mobile service organizations. Shawmir started on 2010 in the year. Then there was only a year of fastest growing brand as a smartphone brand in the world's eight years. Shahmi has sold 2 million 80 million smartphones in the first quarter of this year (January-March), which is 88 percent more than the previous year. Shapi will cost 30 percent of the money collected from the capital market.

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