Press Release - Hacker / Phishers Control Center Found - Now with Apps in Steemit [ Eng / Bahasa ]

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Hello Everyone
I give you my evidence of the Phishers control center.

The above account @rotjaeley have lead me to @sjworld , who creates mysteem.upclub
This Apps is Not Safe .

With this Apps , I don't think we can stop the Level of Infectious , which will Wipes Off many more accounts instantly.
Currently, They are many users using this Apps unknowingly they are Phishers Apps.

I will not support any Phishers / Hackers , anyone Account caught using this apps as above will be instant Banned from #whalepower Tag usage.

I hope, other Apps like Utopian , Busy , Esteem , Dlive and many more will take my lead.

Say No to Phishers


Halo semuanya
Saya memberi Kalian bukti dari pusat kendali Phisher.

Akun di atas @rotjaeley telah mengarahkan saya ke @sjworld, yang menciptakan mysteem.upclub
Aplikasi ini tidak Aman.

Saya tidak akan mendukung Phisher / Peretas, siapa pun Akun yang tertangkap menggunakan aplikasi ini seperti di atas akan langsung Dilarang dari penggunaan Tag #whalepower.

Saya harap, Aplikasi lain seperti Utopian, Busy , Esteem, Dlive dan banyak lagi yang akan memimpin saya.

Dengan Aplikasi ini, saya tidak berpikir kita dapat menghentikan Tingkat Penularan, yang akan Menghilangkan banyak akun secara instan.
Saat ini, Mereka banyak pengguna yang menggunakan Aplikasi ini tanpa sadar mereka adalah Phisher Apps.

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ouch, this phising problem is getting bigger.
and we really have to be really carefull with the trirdparty app for the steem blockchain.
keep it up #whalepower head and board.

it's incredible your hard work @bullionstackers and #whalepower in helping a lot of people, thanks to bullionstackers has given this important information.

Saya teman menggunakan aplikasi esteem bagi saya mengunakan aplikasi ini sangat baik dan mudah
Terimakasih atas penjelasannyan teman saya sangat salut kepadamu teman


Di bilang tentang aplikasi phising, dijawab sangat mendukung, parah kamu.

Sangat berbahaya phishing di steemit, kita harus sama-sama untuk mengawasinya, terima kasih sudah berbagi informasi yang bermamfaat.

Hi @bullionstackers and #whalepower,

Thank you so much for all of the hard work. I learned on Tuesday that I got Phished, not via Steemit, but likely via a fake IDEX or EtherDelta link.

I am not sure if you guys also focus on Phishing scams outside of Steemit, but would you be willing to share my story? I want to get the word out there, I love the blockchain space and the great things that people are doing with it. But what happened to me should not happen to others too.

Terimakasih atas segala informasinya. Harapan kami kepada anda tuan @bullionstackers yang punya kemampuan untuk menghancurkan akun-akun yang mencurigakan. Kami sebagai pengguna baru tidak berdaya dalam hal demikian. Salam sukses untuk tim #whalepower

well spotted. Its a known problem on steemit, phishers. everyone needs to keep an eye out. Have resteemed for extra visibility

Thanks sir for your helpful information

Way to go @bullionstackers! Resteemed to spread this important information.

Sekarang banyak akun yang tidak aman,tiba tiba masuk dikomentar disuruh tekan link yang di bagikan,kawan kawan lainnya jangan tekan link yang masuk dikomentar,terima kasih tuan @bullionstackers atas informasinya,saya sangat mendukung anda

Saya sangat mendukung @bullionstackers postingannya selalu bermanfaat,agar akun kita terjaga dengan aman,saya sangat senang bisa bergabung dengan #whalepower

Thanks for sharing this information.

It seems as more popular Steemit gets as more people want to get an easy piece of the cake, by using all kind of tricks. Scamming and phishing has increased a lot, I really hope people will stay alert and not fall for this tricks!!

Yes many ways they do to steal our account, lest we be fooled by them the Phishers are not responsible ..
.. Thanks friends @bullionstackers this info is very helpful .. :) :)

Thanks for informations @bulkionstacjers. It really help.

Thank you for all the information. Our hope is that you are @bullionstackers who have the ability to destroy suspicious accounts. We as new users are powerless in this regard. Hopefully the future will be better in the future to inform the malicious account account for team # whalepower

thanks @bulliontackers for providing this important information.

Thanks for giving importand informations @bullionstackers.

Terima kasih @bullionstackers atas informasinya,saya sangat senang apabila bisa bergabung dengan komunitas #whalepower

Your post is an absolute lie! We use steemconnect for authorization . We do not store user passwords and cannot do this physically. Busy also uses steemconnect but you don't say it's a phishing site. "This Apps is Not Safe"??? ...If you don't know how it works, you don't have to lie. And if you write a post, check the information ( my app on steemconnect is not mysteem.upclub its name is enough to go to and check it out. According to your logic, all the applications from the list is a phishing site)))) Good luck liar!


I have to agree! Labelling your "service" as a phishing site is quite over the top.

But that doesn't change the fact that you are advertising false promises, running a bad business, and worst of all, advertising it with aggressive spam from your very own @rotjaeley sock-puppet account!

What a genius analysis, and dare to dismantle the way the phiser works. thanks @bullionstackers and tem #whalepower

Mari jadikan phising musuh bersama. Mari ciptakan internet sehat, say no to phising

well this problem is always happen in everywhere, in this case we need the steemian like you mr @bullionstackers to inform us about this, because our knowledge about his platform is few. thank for share it, specially thank because you share in bahasa.

Ini sangat berbahaya untuk pengguna Steemit, apalagi terhadap pengguna baru yang belum tau banyak hal tentang Steemit dan Phishing, semoga ahli-ahli di Steemit bisa segera menghentikannya.
Thank for information @bullionstackers.

thank you for this important information @paulag

Hello, there's is a way to release the apps token from steemconnect. You have to revoke the tokens by visit and

Please beware of phissing sites!

Thanks for sharing the information!

Thank for this information, this information are very useful for our inflepment

Terima kasih atas informasinya @bullionstackers

Saya sangat mendukung @bullionstackers postingannya selalu bermanfaat,agar akun kita terjaga dengan aman,saya sangat senang bisa bergabung dengan #whalepower semoga sukses selalu

Terimakasih @paulag, atas kerja kerasnya. saya rasa ini adalah hal yang sangat bermanfaat untuk semua pengguna steemit.

Sukses selalu


??? lihat pembuat psotingannya mas?


Perlu dipinjami kacamata mata mas,,hihii


waduhhh...boleh juga kalo jika berkenan @ettydialova


hahahah iya yahhh...salah kasih nama pembuat...thank komentnya @ekavieka

@bullionstackers am a victim of being hacked mu sbd was taken all if it and now I have recovered my account but I haven't gotten back my sbd
Is it possible to get my sbd back

wow really a very out post and thanks for his information @bullionstackers

****postingan yang sangaat bagus terima kasih atas informasinya @bullionsteckers****

**postingan yang bagus @bullionsteckers dan saya akan berhati-hati dengan aplikasi teraebut **

Hello @bullionstackers, You asked me to contact you about hacking my account

It seems that the account was deleted only from steemit or indirect on the flags, as it could cause losses to other steemit accounts and I hope that hackers are aware of their activities soon ..
Sepertinya akun itu di hapus saja dari steemit atau tidak langsung di flag saja, karena bisa menimbulkan kerugian pada akun steemit yang lain dan saya berharap agar pelaku peretas segera sadar akan kegiatan mereka..

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