Being forever kind and pity to others can only hurt them.

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Let's take a little family of 3 for instance - father, mother, and a son. Imagine that son being a lazy bastard who uses his parents' house, money, and food to get by. I bet you all know someone who does that or similar things. And what fascinates me the most is the fact that those parents, who get used, are the ones who do nothing. They keep petting their boy because they love him and want him to do better in life. However, that kind of goodness is evil.

Scratching others' back without anything in return only shows your weakness, not your kindness.


I am not talking about altruists, who help people in need. Altruists are cool, and I want to be one. However, weak people who are afraid, to tell the truth to their closest relatives/friends only damage our society. However, we never see it. I mean, from the first look, it seems that a father who lets his grown-up son live in his house without anything in return is a good and kind person. In reality, that father only brings misery - he and his wife are sad because his son is not doing anything. His son is not doing anything because he gets it all for free.

Sometimes we have to kick others' asses to make them move again. It is hard, and people hate it... but things just work like that.

I hate this rule of life that all the bad things are easy to do, and all the good things only come after tough decisions and a lot of hard work. It makes me think that humans are evil by default because it is so much easier for them to act like evil ones. So what is the point of being good then? I don't know...

All I know is that doing something out of pity does not show how strong you are - it shows how weak you are. Strong people are not afraid to throw away all the delusional kindness and act to make everyone's life better.

Never do anything out of pity! You'll only make things work! Be strong and make decisions.

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you sound like you're writing this off of something that you experienced, what's the story here?


Nah, not really. I have seen quite a few situations like these in my life, but this one was just a general thought.

very well said!

That's the point of a meaningful relationship to have someone point out to you what you miss. To see things from his perspective and exchange opinions. This way you both become better persons. Telling someone only what he wants to hear and vice versa, it is just too "empty" for me


Yup, and it can never lead to anything good!

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