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RE: Logic & Reason versus Emotions and preferences. How I trained my brain.

Nice post! I wish more people would meta-analyze their own thinking. I do have an issue with one of your tangential presumptions.

"Female" side of the brain? Brains are either fully male or fully female, unless there's some hermaphroditic chimerism going on.

If you said "feminine" I would take less issue, because "feminine" is a cultural (emotional) concept, not objectively real. "Female," in contrast, refers to an objective aspect of reality regarding chromosomal composition and gene expression.

In your emotional experience, women have been less logical, and from there, you have assumed that there is something about women's brains that makes them inherently emotional and illogical. However, your entire post was about how peoples' minds can be trained to go in either direction.

Given that I have met many women who are supremely rational and many men who are severely emotionally irrational, I think the reasonable conclusion is that our social definitions of "masculine" and "feminine" result in women being less likely to be trained to embrace their emotions and men being more likely to be trained to reject their emotions. Perhaps there is a propensity differential as well. That remains to be seen. However, unless you can demonstrate that there is something "female" about irrationality and something "male" about rationality, I'd just stick to calling them the "rational" and "emotional" centers of the brain.


Your comment is why I put female and male interpretation in the post. The ancients determined that because men worked as the communicators for their family's that they had the habit of thinking rationally and named this the male side of the consciousness.

Women who served as the far harder function of raising the children and producing moral decision making more often used emotions to instill social morals. To the ancients one wasn't thinking correctly unless they embarrassed both thinking processes. In doing so they believed that a man or a woman became balanced and powerful at manifestation as a result.

Logically being able in reality to separate the rational mind from the emotional mind using language is the key to using both without confusing both. It is reasonable to train your brain both to the rational and the irrational mind, because the irrational mind merely wants and desires things, while the rational mind figures out the condition needed to be changed to get the conditions desired or wanted. In truth one can use mathematical concepts to see the truth.

Rational mind is positive and irrational mind is negative. Rational mind is positive because its practice leads to turning the lack that the emotion wanting and desire represents into a manifested reality. Irrational mind is a negative because it is the expression of lack or how you feel about not having the want or desire.

The ancients discovered that language is the key to training the physical brain and leads to a mind that can use both thinking patterns as a benefit.