8-Minutes of Enlightenment (40) - Bruce DePalma - Pt. 2

in philosophy •  last year

Andrew Mount
Published on Sep 28, 2017

Decoupling objects from Earth's gravitational/inertial field.

Mass-field interactions.

Space distortions. (All force/mass is a property of space, conferred upon matter.)

Anisotropic motion yields spontaneous corrective force (counterpoise) arising from space.

The Force Dynamo. Resonant functions thereof...

Free Energy is a reality. Anti-gravity is necessary to birth the new world.

Global Agroecology Repair. Addressing Climate disruption.

Paramahamsa Tewari
Tom Brown
Peter Lindemann
Stafan Marinov
Panos Pappas
Shiuji Inomata
Adam Trombly

Understanding Electro-dynamics...

Lenz's Law defied!

Homopolar Generation
Gyroscopic Motion (3d)

Self-Running Universe

Time for Free Energy!

More on Bruce de Palma.

Music and Art by Richard Royce

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I'm intrigued but you are just too smart for me. Thank you though my dear. Aloha!


I will be happy to explain anything that you didn't understand. Basically, Andrew was talking about getting energy right out of the air. did you ever see a gyroscope toy? You pull on a string and that spins a metal disc. while it is spinning it is hard to turn it sidesways. It is that difficulty to turn it sidesways that can be used to create energy that can be used in some way. This is free energy.

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