Could This Be Steemit In a Nutshell?

in philosophy •  5 months ago

This is my philosophical/existential question of the day. Of course, it doesn't focus exclusively on Steemit and other Altcoins, but on the sad and vain way so many people have traditionally worshiped money.

Sometimes I truly wonder, do most of us (when healthy and in good spirits) realize that dying is an INEVITABLE part of life? Do we even realize that we have no guarantee or "contract" with Mother Nature or God that we will still breathe next week or even worse tomorrow? I doubt it! Otherwise, money would be the ones serving us instead of us serving them ;)


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Έγραψα κάτι παρόμοιο σήμερα ενώ δεν είχα δει ακόμα το ποστ σου, μη με κυνηγήσεις.. :)


Ελα αστα αυτα, με αντιγραφεις ξεκαθαρα :P

Και θα σε κυνηγησω μονο αν ειναι να με παντρευτεις, για κανεναν αλλο λογο ;) χε χε


χαχαχαχ :PPP

Second that, but put yourself in context here. You mostly blog to Americans on Steemit, who worship money, cause they live in money culture. It's their equivalent of religion and as you know religion is based on dogmas not on critical thinking and healthy relationship with yourself.


I have been to many countries (over 20) and I've lived in four of them (Greece, Italy, France and the UK). You wouldn't believe me if I told you how MANY non-Americans I've met who worship money with a passion lol. However, I get your point ;)


It's an international religion at this point for sure :)

You might be right, but isn't this true with everything in life?


Of course my friend :)

δε έπρεπε να τα κυνηγάμε... έπρεπε να μας κυνηγάμε :)))
Καλημέρα καλή Κυριακή..


Επίσης :)