Skills of an illusion

in philosophy •  3 months ago

Ever dreamed you can do something that you can't or, have something that you don't? Ever awoken from that dream with the feeling that you had possibility only to realize, it was just a dream? What would happen if you never awoke and the dream just continued, do you have the skill or, is it still an illusion?

Are you a good driver or, is traction control supplementing your skills? How much are you doing and how much is the camera doing when you take a photo? How much do you know if Google disappeared?

I wonder if we were put into a simulator where we're able to have the skills of our dreams, would we ever get out? What would it feel like to be able to do all you have ever dreamed of only to awake from that dream and have it ripped away? What if, like a game with training levels, to get the skill you still had to develop the skill. You had to earn the skill as you would any other but, as you awoke you would realize that the training was an illusion too?

I remember having a dream when I was a child that I found a bag of money and even in my dreams, my poor background played a role and I imagined what I would be able to do with it, change mine and my family's life forever. In a cruel dream twist, I placed the duffel bag next to my bed in my room and went to sleep, everything was in place, the simulation was complete. When I awoke, I checked for the bag only to find of course, it wasn't there. How could it not be? That is where I put it. As it was so real, in those fractions of a moment, my heart broke.

Would it be the same to have a skill one cherished only to awaken from a dream?

Tonight, I am going dancing for a little while to get out of the house. I enjoy dancing a lot and even though I am not a great dancer, I have put some effort into improving but more importantly, a lot of great memories I have are from dancing, including many of my wife. The photo for example is from a spur of the moment dancing party by a lake where an announcement was made on Facebook and an hour later, 50 people were there.

Will I ever awaken? What if one day I found out that not only my skills but, all the memories I had along the path to obtain them were false, just a dream or, a simulation. What will awake to, who will I be? The journey to get a skill is more important than the level of skill itself as that is where our experience is actually held. Without those memories of the path, the skill becomes a reflex alone, automatic, compelled, programmed.

When we buy our skills, what happens to life's experience and the randomness that makes the journey meaningful?

I will continue to learn and experience.

Just in case I never wake up.

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I think Galen took the duffel bag. It's weird though as do you remember your dreams? Apparently not everyone does. I have never really asked or checked with other people. Some I remember but most i don't .


I think Galen took the duffel bag.

Filled it with ammo.

It's weird though as do you remember your dreams?

I remember some and others disappear. Some are very vivid still after many, many years.

I am dealing with that problem everyday. Somehow I cant accept the reality and wish to stay always in that dream state and never wake up! Sometimes I get confused if this life is a dream or what I see after I go to bed is the dream. Or maybe we live both of them in many different dimensions, but we just dont know how to master everyone of them fully!


Sometimes I get confused if this life is a dream or what I see after I go to bed is the dream.

I think many people experience that, I know I do at times. Sometimes I find myself thinking how could I have done all of these things or, how could I be in this predicament? Life can be so strange at times that perhaps it would be unnatural not to question if it is an illusion.


Well hopefully we dont wake up in a laboratory or a spaceship, being upgraded from one level to an other. I watched a video about the new technologies and one of them was updating our memories with things that have never happened. But it will look real like it happened in the past. Even Alien abductees told about such a technology.

I sometimes find that when I am dreaming about something, especially snowboarding, next time I go boarding I feel like I have learnt how to do something better or have gained experience. The same with photography, so I would really love to know how much your dreams effect your day to day experience etc. What if it is just another parallel universe too?! Crazy thoughts, made me think this post! Enjoy dancing!


What is learnt before going to sleep supposedly has a 20 percent higher retention rate so perhaps while dreaming, review takes place.

If experience makes us who we are and we experience dreams, each night we sleep with no control over where we will go and awaken as someone else.


Well that would make sense then, I need to start learning more before going to sleep maybe!

Interesting point, experience definitely makes us who we are, and we really don't have much control over what we dream about.... so does that mean we don't really have control over who we are?


Well, we only have limited control (if any) over our life anyway and can't choose much of our experience. Perhaps we can just blame others for who we are ;)


Very true! Who wants control anyway!

On reading your post it was like you were describing a black mirror episode! I am guessing you know of it but if you haven't ,you would absolutely love it on netflix especially the episodes Nosedive and USS Calister.


I know the show but I think I have only seen the first few episodes. It was good but, I haven't really watched anything at all in the last 2 years.


The first episode puts people off because it’s about a man made have sexual intercourse with a pig but the rest of the episodes break boundaries and especially on your topic yesterday.

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Romanitc moment, enjoying this time

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I assume you didn't read the post and are just commenting on the picture.

Neo wake up ! XD



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yes! The experience really matters!
But @tarazkp can we really buy a skill?
Somehow I feel that's not possible