The Principles of Truth

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Absolute Truth resonates like a body in the cosmos. It is always present, always interactive. As we think, we can move either closer to it or further from it.


In the universe, bodies can simply stay too far apart to have substantial interaction. If we never can get close to the truth, how will we ever feel its pull?

Other times, even when bodies get close to each other, their fields can interact and they can get pushed apart in the same way as two like poles of a magnet.


Indeed, there is only one way for a body to be pulled into another's field: through proximity and proper alignment.


There is but one Truth. It is Unchangeable. Its rays span across infinity, stretching into the most hidden corners of the cosmos and forever beyond, illuminating all that is.

It is in Truth's very nature to push away systems that resist because it consists of All That Is. It is Unmovable. If we try to change it, to tell Truth what it is, it will only push us further from it. Only when we are open to receive can we not be pushed away, only when we are in alignment with that truth are we on the path to truth, and only when we get close enough will we feel its pull. For it is written in the cosmos.

The path to truth is without limits, as Infinity knows none. It is not about reaching the end, but rather about reaching the beginning. And the beginning is in being in proper alignment by openly seeking the Truth and in getting close enough, by seeing the Truth. Then and only then are we able to be pulled into the depths of What Is.

The universe's simplicity and elegance is infinitely more beautiful than any concoction of the human mind, as it is literally the manifestation of Infinity. It is awe-inspiring, breath-taking, inspirational, and able to bring any to their knees. What is seen cannot be unseen. Our path is long and the road rough, but we all will find that God has always been lovingly watching over and caring for us, for it is Truth. And when we grow, we find that what is rough becomes smooth. And like a system in the cosmos, the closer we get to a greater energy source the more we will grow.

See Scientific Proof of God here. I have no power over anyone. I know there's a lot going on and we can get caught up in things, I certainly get it--I'm obsessed. And I know how easy it is to dismiss something we don't see the value in hearing. The question then becomes: Are you open to receive? If so, please forgive me for saying: Be mindful you don't resist before you get close enough. Take my hand for a moment; I know the way.

Steven M. Scully
The "Theory of Everything" Guy

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This article really nails it and deserves to stand alone.
If anyone other than the author is reading this comment, please read the above article and meditate on it until it makes sense.
If I would venture to add anything, I would just say that accepting the evidence that the Creator is a loving, intellectually superior being leads me to believe that the basic life experiences (though they may be experienced non-scientifically) are filled with lessons of Truth if we are aligned as you mention and have 'ears to hear' and 'eyes to see'. For example, the undeniable significance of male- female relationships, I believe contains much revelation of truth of our universe and eternity/infinity. This is exciting in that even non-scientists (though I studied mechanical engineering) can participate in the exciting journey of discovery of truth in ways that unveil the natural universe. Our emotions, our behavior, our relationships I believe all have natural scientific implications that boil down to simple eternal truths. Some of these such as love, equality, unity are essential for making progress down the journey towards truth! But again, the above article really is a great starting point! Thanks.

i agree