My Philosophy "Why the elite are fighting the Bitcoin?

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Why the elite are fighting the Bitcoin?

The elite represent 2 percent of the total population of the planet, since ancient times they control the world. This title moves from person to person by the legacy.

Their story started with the gold and wheat trade, and developed to include most of the fields in our present  time, except the area of  Cryptocurrency.

Some people or a majority of people will say why elite do not invest in this area(Cryptocurrency)?
The answer is, elite favors monopoly and does not prefer investment means it wants all the profits return to them, That is why only 2 percent of the world's population represents the elite, while the remaining 98 percent are scapegoats serving the interests of these elites.

But the bitcoin especially and the Cryptocurrency on general changes this fact and gives the 98 percent people a chance to emergence and competition that is mean there's no monopoly again, everyone will benefit and that's why elite fights Bitcoin.

They said that they prevent it because it is of unknown source and will harm the fiat currencies (shit currencies that's what i called it) and the economy of the world. But the truth is that it will make them rivals, not monopolists 😉 and as i said to @v4vapid

Bitcoin is fighting on a difficult war because it opposes and is not in line with the plans of the elite. As we know, the elite always displace everything that does not serve their interests. But I think it's hard to remove the bitcoin because it's built on a strong foundation.

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