Towards a new paradigm

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(‘Muricans protesting for their freedom to die and spread illness.)

The lack of competent US governance continues to devolve its society into chaos. Now, the tenants of multifamily and single family rental units are demanding their rent be canceled. And why not? Apparently, mortgage payments for homeowners have been canceled nation-wide; while trillions have been siphoned into the vaults of banks, investment firms, publicly traded corporations, museums, and academic centers. Rather than providing one clear, unified policy response for the entire nation, the US federal government, in its typical weak-kneed, opinion poll based inaction, has provided no guidance for its confederate member states. The only policy the US policy makers have pursued, since the pandemic froze all economic activities within the US, have been stealing from the public purse, in preparation for their eventual escape to Switzerland. Thus, all the responses for the pandemic crisis from the government have been haphazard, inadequate, corrupt, and incompetent.

The one rational policy by the US federal government, that of the quarantine, and consequent moratorium on economic activity, has been met with increasing belligerence and disobedience from the citizenry. With the law enforcement agencies receiving contradicting directives and with the court system virtually non-operational, policing in the US has become essentially nominal. Without the seemingly ubiquitous presence of law enforcement agents, the US society is beginning to devolve into chaos, as the muck feel emboldened enough to discharge firearms at supermarket employees during broad daylight for the offense of inconveniencing them with long queues. Worse still, the restless rabble block highways and city streets, preventing essential workers from attending to their duty, protesting against the “tyranny” of the government delaying their summer shopping binge for a few more weeks.

The pandemic crisis will abate, given time, although with the ignorant peasants defying quarantine ordinances, that time will likely be further in the future for the US. It is unlikely that the world will return to the pre-pandemic level of frenetic consumption and extensive waste, with much of the world economy in disarray. The mortality of the pandemic does not approach that of prior plagues that devastated human population, thus, the impact on the current population will be minimal. The complex problem that the world faces will be directing the restless energies of idle, unemployed peasants away from their destructive tendencies. With the monetary system and the resource supply chain in disarray, the nations of the world may require a new economic and political paradigm.

Rather than attempting to reconstitute the failed capitalist model and globalisation of economies, the nations of the world will fare better by pursuing policies of regional self-sufficiency. With blockchain technology allowing for more efficient tracking of resources, a regional government will be able to allocate resources more effectively to meet subjects’ needs than the inefficient capitalist market. Advancements in artificial intelligence, coupled with secure ledger system, and ever-sophisticated surveillance infrastructure, the bureaucratic inefficiencies of the past can be mitigated, if not outright solved. With current burgeoning technical innovation, central authorities can coordinate disparate parts to function for the greater good of the whole.

Rather than currency, following the successful application of “social credit” system from the CCP, privileges can be efficiently distributed commensurate to the subjects’ position and responsibilities, as well as to those whose actions and skills benefit the community as a whole. The necessities of life will be guaranteed by the state via distribution of needed resources, monitored through an immutable ledger system and calculated with the assistance from artificial intelligence. When all necessities are met, markets will not be needed, and currency no longer required. The subjects, having gained true freedom, will be able to concentrate on performing their duties to their community, society, and the state. When all necessities are met, the current capitalist compulsion towards restless activities and obsession with hoarding resources will have been abated. Without the preoccupation with hoarding resources as security, competition will become unnecessary and resources become plentiful. Only when man rejects the juvenile tendency towards unmerited entitlements, and embraces his duty towards the goal of his community, society, and the greater race, will humanity thrive in abundance.

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